Company Overview

HotLava Systems is engaged in the design and manufacturing of innovative, server class multi-port 1G, 10G and 40G Ethernet adapters. Founded in 2003, HotLava's customers include industry-leading innovators of network security, data storage, virtualization, SDN and ISPs throughout the world.

HotLava network adapters enable today's powerful servers and workstations to deliver more productivity by reducing or eliminating congestion at the network interface. Based on world class components and drivers from companies such as Intel and Mellanox, HotLava network adapters are natively supported by most major operating systems without any changes to existing drivers or applications. Ideally suited for space-constrained and PCIe slot-limited servers, they provide the maximum port density and network bandwidth required by demanding I/O intensive applications.

Get more Network I/O from your Server

HotLava Systems produce high performance ethernet network adapters that eliminate network interface constraints. By utilizing the full capability of today's PCI Express architecture, HotLava's multi-port Ethernet adapters are able to maximize the throughput from a single PCIe slot.

...This is by comparison the fastest 10Gbit/s network adapter I have seen during our extensive testing of 10Gbit/s equipment for Linux based routing

–Jesper Brouer - ComX Networks A/S


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